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December 12, 2009


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Be There!!! if you cannot Read  it, it says, Tannerlejords 2nd Annual New years eve party!!!!

Date and time- December 31st -January 1st  ITS AN ALL NIGHT PARTY!!

Its at the Town Hall and hopefully pc could put lights up!!!!!!





August 13, 2009

Souleo Fan Club

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HEy Cazmos!!! The one and only,Official Souleo Fan club is Launched!!!!!! It wasnt scheduled to be launched until tommrow afternoon, but we got a headstart and got it going today!! Me and Souleo worked Really Hard on this so do us a favor and check it out!

Click Anywhere on this post to see it!


August 7, 2009

Planet Cazmo Newsletter 8/8/2009

Visit the Cazmo Beach next Friday and Saturday (Aug 14-15!) and Jessie James perform! Jessie is currently on tour with the Jonas Bros!
WHEN: jessiejames

* FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th – 7-12 PM ET
* SATURDAY, AUGUST 15th – 12 noon – 12 midnight ET
* Concert begins every hour, on the hour

In two weeks kate earl.

Come back August 21st and 22nd for the Kate Earl concert at the Cazmo Beach! Kate Earl is about to erupt on the scene, so be the first to check her out!

* FRIDAY, AUGUST 21st – 7-12 PM ET
* SATURDAY AUGUST 22nd – 12 noon – 12 midnight ET
* Every hour, on the hour

New this week.

Jeff and Torgo Posters!
Visit the house shop to buy poster of the infamous Cazmo Mods, while supplies last!

Memberships Getting cooler.

A brand new underwater adventure is coming soon (as in NEXT WEEK!)! And its for members ONLY! Get your membership now and meet Dr. Deep and all the underwater adventure you can handle!

Thats all for today -Dark angel60

July 31, 2009

Planet Cazmo Updates 30/7/2009

Today planet cazmo got loads of updates here is the first thing, Planet cazmo added 2 new t shirts at the Clothing Shop and all of them are for members.

2 shirts

They got new hair at the hairshop But im not going to put it here because it is all for girls, Now you can get new eyes at the bodyshop! i bought the red one.


There is a new mod gift on planet cazmo (Soda Helmet), we had a mod hunt but i did not find the mod 😦

yellow mod item

Havent you noticed something new while logging in on planet cazmo?

Free cazmo cash

I took some pictures from so some credits go there. thats all for today and dont forget, Upcoming concert: Jessie James!

-Dark angel60

July 28, 2009

Planet Cazmo Makes A Donation

Planet cazmo will make a donation to Arbor Day Foundation.

earth day

Thats all for today. Check out my new header! Rate out of 10. -Dark angel60

July 24, 2009

Jordin Sparks Concert Coming Up

Jordin’s concert will be at the beach! I cant wait for it.

jordins concert beach

Here is Jordin Sparks’s ticket. make sure you get it.

jordin ticket

Also There are new items on planet cazmo.

orange vestorange cargopurple fuzzy

There are new Hot Deals!

hot deals 2

Also there is something new in the newspaper. You can watch SOULEO videos.

souleo video

Also something that no one knew! an award for Lloyds quest!

Lloyds quest

There is a new mod gift! Cyclops Slippers.

new mod

You will be able to transfer cazmo cash and coins soon.

transfering cash and coins soon

Thats all for today. Dont forget to check Jordin performing at the beach. You will also get a ticket. -Dark angel60

July 22, 2009

Planet Cazmo Updates

Jordin sparks’s concert is coming on planet cazmo this week.

jordan planet cazmo

Also soulja boy tickets are here! They look awesome.

soulja boy ticket

Also you can change your planet cazmo name! But you have to pay 20 cc.

change name

Also there is a new quest! First You need to talk to Mama caz at the cazmo mall. then tell her that you need to talk to the zibs. then they will tell you that you should find items.

First item: (Banana) Outside the body shop. Banana

Second item: (Cup) at the Splat hut. cup

Third item: (Apple) at the town square. Apple

Fourth item: Laptop at the Space Port. laptop

Fifth item: Ballons inside the Cazmo Club. ballons

Then you should go to the cazmo mall, talk to mama caz and tell her that you want to see the zibs. then You will see Lloyd. And they will tell you to find 3 purple bushes.


First item: Statue Island. pink thingy statue

Second item: Playground. pink playground

Third item: Outside the garage. pink thingy garage

After You find these items You have to visit the zibs again. and they will award you 200 coins and and you will get a zibs spy jacket.

zibs spy jacket

Also if you get a 6 month memberships. you will earn a rare jet pack.

new jet pack

Also if you get a 12 month memberships you get a rare pet.

rare pett

Thats all for today. -Dark angel60

July 18, 2009

Soulja Boy Concert & More Stuff

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Soulja boy’s concert is here! check it out. dont forget to go there because today is the last day of the concert!

soulja boy ccc

Also there are some awesome hot deals! the glasses are the best.

hot deals

Also there is a new character in the Caz rox cafe! you can buy t shirts and cd’s from him.

charactersc p

When you click your Cazbook there is something new! the font is changed now and it looks better.

cazbook font

Thats all for today! i think this was one of the best updates on planet cazmo.

-Dark angel60

July 15, 2009

Soulja Boy Concert 2

This friday there is going to be another soulja boy concert! it will be on friday and saturday every 1 hour starting from 12.

soulja boy concert

I cant wait for it! Spread The World! -Dark angel60

Rons Contest And Party This Friday!!!

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Wazz up cazmos,I have some good news for you.You all wanted the party to be this friday So it will be this friday and there will be two ways you can bag the big prize.Firstly you just have to come to my party which will be at ma house.and the second way is whoever wins the spot the difference contest on my site will get cazmo cash too. Simple huh?

It Will Be At Three Pm Cazmo Time And Will last for as long as you want!!!

The Prizes WIll Be.

Random Partier:40 cazmo cash

spot the difference 20 cazmo cash and 1000 coins

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

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